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Q. What's the difference between Regular (U) and Reverse (S) orientation?

A. Both tips on Regular (U) cables face the same direction. These are most useful when connecting two pedals that both have jacks in the same location (both on top or both on the sides). Reverse (S) orientation features one tip facing each direction, most useful when connecting pedals with jacks in different locations. 

In the image below, a Reverse (S) cable connects the white and pink pedals. A Regular (U) cable connects the green and pink pedals.

Three pedals connected by two TS patch cables.

Q. I purchased some cables! When will my order arrive?

A. Cables are made to order. Assembly takes 1-3 business days before 2-day shipping via USPS Priority Mail.

Q. What is your return/refund policy?

A. As cables are made to order, we do not accept returns; all sales are final. If you find that your cable has been damaged in transit or is malfunctioning upon arrival, contact us and we will make it right (replacement or refund depending on the circumstances).

Q. Do you accept payment other than $USD?

A. Yes! Pedalpatchcables accepts USD, BTC and ETH. Please contact us if you would like to pay for an order using cryptocurrency. (We reserve the right to stop accepting crypto at any time.)

We will also trade cables for other musical equipment - pedals, instruments, studio equipment, etc. Contact us for more information about trade-ins.

Q. Can I order custom-length cables?

A. Of course! We offer custom cables in lengths up to 20 feet. Contact us for rates and more specific information.

Q. Do you offer TRS patch cables?

A. We have plans to offer TRS patch cables later this year.